Sunday, October 3, 2010


Remember the 3 custom orders above, I did a few months back....well, we now get to see the jewellery on the beautiful bride.

Earlier this year, I received a request from a young lady who was referred to me by another bride for whom I had created jewellery to be worn on her special day.

The difference was, at that point in time, the bride-to-be was in Melbourne. No problems there. She was very specific about what she wanted, sent me photos of her intended wedding gown and evening dress and she was clear in mind about what she wanted to wear with her 2 outfits.

First 2 bracelets - remember the cuff and the double strand pearl bracelets, well, those were hand carried to Melbourne by my other customer and it looked like everything was on track and ready for the big day which was sometime in September.

Closer to the date, I received a request for a pair of earrings as the evening gown had changed ;p
It was a close call as I had houseguests and was preparing for my trip to Beijing. But "never fear, Bel is here"..........and the rest is happy history!

Suyi has been wonderful in sending me a few photos to share on my blog.

An absolutely radiant and stunning bride!


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