Friday, October 16, 2009


Smooth oval pink calcite in the softest of baby blush. Calcite ovals measure approx 1.5cm and they're crowned with a cluster of rhodolite and moonstone garnets. Sterling silver earwires studded with cubic zirconia bring the drop to approx 4 cm. Dainty and delicate these are just perfect for non-conformist bride who wants a little bit of blush to complete her wedding ensemble.

Note: Calcite has an unusual property. Gemologists call it a bi-refringent gemstone. What it means is that anything viewed through a clear crystal will appear doubled. Because of this bi-refringent property, Calcite is mystically thought to double the intention of its wearer. In other words, calcite serves as a psychic amplifier.

Along with its perceived spiritual powers, calcite is also often described as a mental stone. It enhances the intellect of the wearer.

Just a little trivia but interesting nonetheless.


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